Sound and Projection Crews

Supporting many of the other ministries of St. Andrew is our technical arts team. This team consists of the Sound Crew and the Projection Crew. These gifted technicians provide much needed “behind the scenes” support that make the other arts accessible to the congregation.

The use of Art and Technology help to complete the worship experience at St. Andrew. These teams help communicate the message in a fresh and relevant way. No special skills needed, just a willingness to learn. We’ll provide all the training needed.

Please contact the church office at 707-996-6024 or on our online form if you are interested in working on the Sound or Projection Crews.

Art Team

Believing that sometimes the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their eyes, the visual arts ministry constantly seeks to adorn the sanctuary in a visual feast for the soul. These dedicated volunteers meet regularly and explore the visual aspects of God’s amazing love. Their special gifts frequently lift our minds and souls to even greater heights of understanding.

Our beautiful sanctuary is often adorned with inspiring artwork from the talented individuals on the Art Team. There are two basic divisions in our efforts. We utilize art for seasonal times of the year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, etc.) and art specific to a particular sermon series.

  • There is room on the Art Team for persons of all ages and with all levels of ability and experience. While previous experience is wonderful, more important is the willingness to risk and to learn.
  • There are no regular meetings of the Art Team. Rather the group meets on an “as needed” basis.

For more information on any of the above groups, please contact the church office at 707-996-6024.

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