Technical Arts Team

Supporting many of the other ministries of St. Andrew is our technical arts team. This team consists of the Sound Crew and the Projection Crew. These gifted technicians provide much needed “behind the scenes” support that make the other arts accessible to the congregation.

The use of Art and Technology help to complete the worship experience at St. Andrew. These teams help communicate the message in a fresh and relevant way. No special skills needed, just a willingness to learn. We’ll provide all the training needed.

Projection Crew

St. Andrew uses Power Point through an LCD projector to communicate with the congregation during the worship services. We know that congregational participation is greatly enhanced through the use of this technology.

  • A Projection Crew member is typically assigned one Sunday per month to be “on duty”. They are responsible for setting up the equipment, providing coverage for both worship services and for breaking down the equipment at the conclusion of the Sunday services.
  • Anyone with moderate technical aptitude can be a Projection Crew member. Everything that is needed can be taught. However, knowledge of Power Point is a bonus. We occasionally make use of videos excerpts, so knowledge of video equipment is also helpful.

Sound Crew

The ability to hear during a worship service is essential to the worshipers if they expect to gain anything from the experience. While the acoustics of our sanctuary is excellent, there are special needs that require the use of amplified sound.

  • The Sound Crew is responsible for making sure that the preacher is heard throughout the sanctuary. They are also responsible for recording of the sermon for the website and local radio broadcast.
  • The Sound Crew is responsible for amplifying the Drama Team and Praise Team. This often requires additional time commitments for set-up and rehearsal.
  • The Sound Crew member that is “on duty” for a particular service must be attentive at all times and ready to react at a moments notice to the needs of those leading in worship.
  • No technical expertise is required – all will be trained to how to use the relatively uncomplicated equipment. What is essential is the ability to constantly monitor the sound in the sanctuary and the ability to react in an appropriate manner.

For more information on any of the above groups, please contact St. Andrew at [email protected]