Financial Update – January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

Dear Members and Friends of St. Andrew:

The excitement of the holidays has faded, the lights have come down and the Girl Scouts came and picked up your tree. However, at St Andrew things could not be more exciting! We have an Old Testament study, two Hunger for Healing groups, planning is underway for the next mission trips to El Salvador and Romania, food and clothing drives for F.I.S.H. . . . .Wow! And that’s not even half of it!

St Andrew effects the lives of many, many people. Maybe it’s the little boy in El Salvador attending school out of the rain in his village’s schoolhouse you helped build. It could be the little girl in Romania at VBS discovering that the God of all heaven and earth loves HER! Maybe it’s the person in the pew next to you just diagnosed with cancer that the Deacons are helping. See that young family across the room? They just picked up some food and clothes at F.I.S.H. Or, maybe, it’s that young high school student that sits at the fountain waiting for his ride home. You know what? His life will be changed in so many ways on the next Caravan trip! Exciting stuff is going on all around and all because of YOU!

Usually the first few months of the New Year are lean times. However, I am very happy to report that we are right on track! With a watchful eye from our great staff on expenses and Christmas donations that were just over budget, we are on our way to finish this year in the black! That is really good news!

So, this letter is a “Great job, keep it up!” kind of letter. As I said above, there are many exciting things going on at St Andrew and by St Andrew and it’s a direct result of you and your generosity of time, efforts and donations. On behalf of the Session I want to thank you ALL for ALL you do! I thank you for touching so many lives in ways you cannot even fathom!

Your brother In Christ,

Russ Jaycox
Elder and Member of Session

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