“After Easter… Now What?”

On Easter Sunday, some of you shared your “cardboard testimonies,” those times in life when by God’s grace, our lives are turned around; moments when our eyes are opened, our hearts crack open, and our lives are changed for the better. Yet, after those Easter moments: now what? How do we continue to grow in Christ over the long haul?  

On April 28, Rich and I were going to sit on two stools and speak about our own journeys and practices for navigating life in the light of God’s Grace.  

This Sunday, responding to Rich’s suggestion that I share more about myself, I will tell you a few stories about my bumbling and (I hope) faithful walk with God, and maybe you’ll relate. And I’ll share some of the practices that have sustained my journey with God and supported my growth.  

What now? It’s not complicated. As Rich taught, it’s about keeping it simple: connecting with God; growing in community and serving the world.

I hope to see you on Sunday!
Rev. Jan Reynolds