Last night the church fire alarm went off just before 10pm. I jumped in my car and roared up to church, remembering a similar drive the night of March 19, 1989 when the fire destroyed the old carriage house which was our church home. Fortunately, this time it was a false alarm which left the two women who were cleaning the church a bit shaken, and slowed traffic on Arnold Dr. as people slowed to look at the three fire trucks in the parking lot. But what if it had been the real deal? What if a fire had taken off in the ceiling above the fellowship area and done serious damage? What would we do?

Exactly what we did in 1989…reach out for help from Hanna Boys Center and our other church neighbors for shelter, and carried on being the church. For the church is not the building–the church is the people (you and me) connected together through God’s spirit who are on a faith journey together. It’s always helpful to be reminded of that every once in a while. It’s also a moment of gratitude for my fellow pilgrims and false alarms which do no damage this time. Rich