Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” is a classic. His strategy was to steal everything related to Christmas so the people of Whoville would awaken to find all their hopes for Christmas dashed. But, alas, as the story tells us, the good people of Whoville gathered together and sang with joy, a song which caused the Grinch’s heart to grow three times.

One of the Grinches that can steal our Christmas is traditions. Traditions are wonderful as memories but can keep us from the new thing God wants to do in our lives this Christmas season. Christmas 2016 can’t be experienced looking in the rear view mirror. No matter what our circumstances, what is the new thing God might be doing in us this year?

Isaiah 43:18-19: But the LORD says, “Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago. Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already—you can see it now! I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there.