I anticipate three very difficult meetings today dealing with three very different situations. The first has to do with figuring out how a couple of teams can work together instead of one team trying to do the other team’s job. The second is sitting with a mom whose family is in her words, “falling apart.” The third meeting with be with the family who lost their only daughter in a single-car accident on Napa Road last week. We’re meeting to plan a parent’s worst nightmare, the funeral of their only child.

There are two ways to prepare for these encounters. I’ve in the past given myself a pep talks and gone over all my key talking points so I can try to fix or sooth the situation. I didn’t want to be wrong or feel ineffective. I’m not doing that this morning.

I’ve spent some time letting go of my expectations and praying to be a servant, trusting God’s Spirit to be present and work in each situation. I have to show up and participate, but I’m actively seeking to choose God’s will, not my own. The practice of surrender is not passive–it is actively embracing the truth that God will do for me what I can’t do for myself. As part of that surrender, I’m paying attention to my breathing and meditating on Jesus’ surrender of himself (Philippians 2:5-11) so he could take on the role of a servant. “Lord Jesus, I seek to follow you this day as I surrender to your way in all things.” Amen.