by Joan Chittister

God of Light and God of Mystery,
give us the faith to see you in the grey dimness of this time.
Give us the heart to hear, in the silence of the sick, 
the call to care for those in pain.
Give us the courage to find you where you do not now appear to be.
Give us the trust it takes to make our way 
through this uncertainty, this fear,
this seemingly irredeemable sense of limitless loss 
to the recognition of the relentless hope that each seasonal cycle
of life confirms in us.

You who made all things
for our good and our growth show us, too, now
the power of darkness
so that we might see newly – beyond the ephemeral –
to what are really 
the gloriously important things in life.

Dear Friends,

Of course, we feel the restlessness of this time. When will a viable vaccine be available? When can I see and hug my family? When can I eat at my favorite restaurants? When can I travel abroad again? We look to a time when all people will be treated equally, and yet feel unsure or unable to do what is required to move the world forward. We indeed feel locked down. 

What can we DO when everything feels like it’s on hold?

This is always a good question: What is in our span of control and self-agency that we can do to make the world a better place right now? If we sincerely ask ourselves that question, we may receive the Holy Spirit’s inspiration! Take a moment. Give thanks for what you have and put the yearnings on your heart before God. Ask this question of God: What is in my span of control that I can do to make this world better right now

I certainly have moments where I feel the world is on hold. But it’s not. Real life is happening everywhere and right where I am. I am not removed from real life. Real life in the microcosm of my household, on my zoom calls and in my emails. Real life in the information and inspiration sharing, in the boundless offerings and opportunities through media. Life was at VBS and Caravan last week – fun, meaningful and safe for all! (here is a link to see what went on last week at St. Andrew – if you didn’t see it last Sunday, don’t miss it – click the arrow on the image below!) 

What can I do right now to make this world a better place? 

Sr. Joan Chittister’s prayer encourages us in these times. Not to ignore the darkness in our society or the pain of suffering. But neither are we asked to dive into it and lose ourselves to it.

My prayer for each of you (and myself) this week is that we look up and see the beauty and the life all around us, choosing one thing to make this world better today. Ask God what that might be.

Much love to all during this difficult time,


Pastor Jan Reynolds

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Have you seen The Kindness Diaries on Netflix? The host travels the world meeting people and discovering the kindness of strangers.

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