Celebrating our Graduates!

Banners at the Entrance of St. Andrew

St. Andrew is proud to recognize and congratulate our 2020 graduates!
We encourage everyone in the congregation to reach out to them and extend your congratulations for all the work they have put in to reaching these milestones.

College Graduates:
Natalie Baker
Travis Claeys
Anna DeSmet
Anika Ljung
Owen Ljung
Spencer McNairy
Zabela Olascoaga
Natalie Smith
Carlie Vollert

High School Graduates:
Ivy Blackwood
Noah Coronado
Sofia Given
Georgia Griffin
Eric Hudson
Claire McNairy
Hank Schoeningh
Megan Shipston
Anthony Tommasi

Middle School Graduates:
Ricky Bolanos
Mariah Evans-Zink
Kyra Hudson
Toria Magnani
Shelby Padgett
Ty Schoeningh
Genevieve Smith

Dear St. Andrew Graduates,

The world is yours. That’s perhaps a confusing thing to say given what a difficult time we are in and that some of your opportunities have been limited.

Things didn’t turn out as you’d hoped in these last couple of months, or as any of us hoped for you. You experienced a tremendous loss in not getting to celebrate in-person with all your classmates as we all had envisioned. But, nevertheless, you are at an amazing crossroads in your life, where you get to savor your hard-earned accomplishments and turn toward your future.

“Life is difficult” – that’s the famous opening of M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled. Life is super hard sometimes, but life is also filled with excitement, love and friendship, continued learning and the great satisfaction of becoming our authentic selves and finding our way. God’s Spirit is with you every step of the way.

At each of life’s many cross-roads, I hope you choose the most life-giving path. Not what feels good right in the moment, but what will be fulfilling and energizing, and bring more love for you and others over time. This is the way God’s Spirit communicates with you. When you are at a decision point about your life, pause for a little while, and ask this question: “What is the best life-giving direction for all involved?” A way will be shown to you.

The world is yours: full of problems and countless blessings. I hope you take the time to savor your life’s journey to this point. Take time to give thanks for all you’ve received so far and for future pathways, yet unseen, that will open to you. Know that everyone at St. Andrew shares your joy at this milestone of graduation. We celebrate what God has done in your life and we pray for an abundant life for you ahead.

Love and many blessings to you as you gaze into the future, your future with God. We will be cheering you along the way.

Pastor Jan

Rev. Jan Reynolds

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