Note from Nicole

This coming Sunday…

Dear St. Andrew Community,

This Sunday is the day before Memorial Day. We will be sure to commemorate those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in service to our country during our worship. We will also pray that no heroes will have to die for us again. Words fall short when we attempt to honor those who have died, but we will nevertheless take the time to express our respect and gratitude.

This Sunday is also Trinity Sunday. It’s not a biblical event that celebrates a moment in time, but rather invites us into an idea. And it’s not an easy one to explain. For years, as director of Family Ministries, I had the challenge of trying to explain the Holy Trinity to children. I don’t think I did it well, but I had fun trying. So below, you’ll find a copied and pasted attempt from 2013, which is really all about reliving my own childhood with the video link at the end. 


Does anyone here know that 3 is a magic number? The number 3 is magic. There are so many good things that come in 3’s. The Chinese call 3 the perfect number. The Mayan people say it’s the sacred. Like Holy. The Japanese have something called the three treasures- truth, courage and compassion. There are 3 primary colors and out of those 3 colors come all the other colors. There are 3 keys in music. There are 3 phases of the moon. There is the earth, the sea and the sky. 3! There is the past, the present and the future. 3! There is animal, vegetable and mineral. 3! Body, mind and spirit. 3!

And here in our Church and in Churches all over the world when someone is baptized, they are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. How many of you remember that part from your own baptism? The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That’s 3! And there is a name for that. It’s called The Trinity. The Father (sometimes we say Creator), the Son, (that’s Jesus) and the Spirit. We talked about the Spirit last week. But you put those all together and you have 3! And it’s called The Trinity. 

And all three are God. And God is all three. Just like I am Ms. Nicole, and I work at this Church. But I am also a Mom. And I am also a friend. I can be all those things and still be one person. Just like God can be Creator, Jesus and the Spirit, and still be one God.

Cause three is magic. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Back in 1973 there were a lot of wonderful songs created to teach children called Schoolhouse Rock. And today we will watch one called Three is the Magic Number. Now we won’t watch all of it. We will watch some of it and then, while it is still going, we will walk or bop or dance out of here to Sunday School. Is that clear. Ok, on three we will watch. One two three….

“Three is the Magic Number” by School House Rock


In Person Worship– St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
This Sunday, May 30th

9:00 am – Indoors in our Sanctuary

Join us for worship at St. Andrew, this Sunday, May 30th. This service will include live music, prayers, Scripture and Rev. Nicole Trotter’s teaching. (An online service will still be available that day with similar content).

The seat reservation deadline is 5:00pm Saturday, May 29th – please RSVP so we can plan properly-spaced seating.

Based on Covid-19 Regulations, we can take reservations up to 95, plus staff to allow for proper distancing indoors. We expect the service to last about 60 minutes, allow 75 minutes for leaving carefully socially-distanced. Sunday School is available for children from preschool through 5th grade, but space is limited. Please be sure to reserve a Sunday School spot for your child(ren) through the reservation link.

We have these guidelines in place for everyone’s safety, in accordance with CDC and Sonoma County guidelines, and approved by our Covid Taskforce:

  • We will greet you, check your temperature, receive your signed agreement and guide you to your assigned seats.
  • Participants will always stay 6-feet apart and wear masks.
  • It is important not to physically greet one another in any way.
  • We will ask each person to use hand sanitizer before sitting.
  • Reserved seating will be spaced with at least 6 feet between individuals or family groups.
  • No singing is possible due to the regulations.

Please use the button below to reserve seats for you and/or your family (first come, first served). Please include all family members in your “Covid bubble” who will attend with you so we can pre-assign a cluster of seats for you. After reserving your seats you will have an opportunity to reserve space in our Sunday School class for your child/children.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Worship Service Agreement. Please read through the Agreement and bring it with you to the service – this will shorten check-in lines the day of the service.

Thank you! We look forward to worshiping together


The Presbyterian Church USA actively encourages all congregations to be good stewards of all our God-given flora, fauna, and natural resources. St Andrew is actively pursuing an Earth Care Congregation designation by the PCUSA, with your help, this is an achievable goal for 2021.

Good News: A Green Group has bought a Belize forest to protect it in perpetuity.

Green Tip #19: Did you know that more than 15 million tons of textile waste goes into US landfills each year? [source: EPA] According to the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART), nearly 100% of all used clothing and household textiles can be re-used or recycled: 45% are re-used as apparel; 30% are converted into industrial polishing/wiping cloths and 20% are processed into fiber to be manufactured into new products. 95% of all used clothing is recyclable, only 5% is unusable due to mildew or other contamination.

Don’t throw away any clothing, donate all clothing, even stained and torn clothing. Most donated items that are not saleable as clothing get recycled as rags or repurposed into other useful products. Strongly consider only buying natural fibers which are much more reusable and break down more easily.

There are an increasing number of companies who are now accepting and recycling their products including: Patagonia, North Face, Eileen Fisher, Ann Taylor, H&M, and Nordstroms. 

And finally, do you have a collection of old, worn jeans? You can ship them free to a company that makes them into insulation. Here is a link for more information: Recycle Jeans (Also, Levi stores will take back your used Levi jeans.)

Above and Beyond: buy your clothes at consignment or thrift shops and simply buy fewer clothes.

Thank you! And if you have any Good News or Green Tips, or if you would like some product recommendations, please contact Eileen Haflich via the church office at [email protected]

Brought to you by the Mission Committee


St. Andrew Congregational Meeting / Annual Corporation Meeting

Sunday, June 6th – 10:00am

We’ll be meeting on Sunday, June 6th, following our 9:00am worship service, for a Congregational Meeting to elect Deacons and Elders, immediately followed by our Annual Corporation Meeting to elect our Corporate Trustees.

Please Plan to Attend – all Covid-19 health and safety regulations will be in place!




June 21-25


$50.00 per child for the week


We’re turning up the volume at VBS to remind each kid that they can have confidence because of Jesus. When kids begin to see themselves the same way that Jesus sees them, then real confidence begins to take root and grow. We’ll be spending a fun, memorable week teaching kids these foundational Truths to begin understanding the base of their confidence.

Something remarkable can happen when a child starts learning to see themselves the way God sees them. To us, that’s real confidence. This summer, St. Andrew is planning a VBS that encourages every child to know that because of Jesus, they can have confidence because . . .

They are known.

They belong.

They are forgiven.

They can change.

They can make a difference.

We are also looking for volunteers to help ensure the week goes smoothly. It’s always a fun, rewarding week for our volunteers!

2019-2021 Capital Campaign Pledge Update

Thank you for your continued pledge fulfillment. Without your support the Capital Campaign would not be possible. If you are new to St. Andrew, or have not yet made a Campaign pledge, pledge packets are available from the church office. If you wish to contribute to the Capital Campaign, click GIVE.  

We have seven months remaining in our three-year Capital Campaign. Thank you for maintaining your regular contributions in support of your pledge! Through April, a total of $487,000 has been raised toward the total pledged amount of $698,000. If you would like to know your personal progress toward fulfilling your pledge, please contact the church office.

The goals of the campaign are to make sure the buildings and grounds where the life of the church thrives will be cared for, paying it forward to the next generation; and, securing an endowment to support overseas “away missions” to ensure that participation will continue, and grow. One third of all pledge fulfillments continue to be set aside for the establishment of the endowment. 

We are currently remodeling the Fellowship Hall Kitchen. New cabinetry is installed, and all new appliances are on-site. Work on future projects will be started as funds become available from pledge fulfillment.

Over the past 2 ½ years all Priority 1 and most Priority 2 projects have been completed:

• Septic system repairs.

• New Fellowship Hall and Kitchen tile floor.

• Sanctuary and Narthex hardwood floor refinish.

• Repaint the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

• New carpeting throughout the facility.

• New conference room combining the library and the adjacent room.

• New soundboard and speakers.

• Building security improvements including security cameras, improved lighting, and reconditioned locks.

• New water bottle-filler drinking fountain.

• Major tree and brush trimming.

For more information about the Capital Campaign Projects, please contact the Project Team, Chris McNairy, Joel Green and Ron Moser, through the church office.

We are so grateful for the continued support from our Church Community!

Please continue your giving during this time, so that St. Andrew may continue to serve our local community and our membership. We recognize that some of you have been impacted financially by economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those of you who can, please continue to give on a regular basis.

There are several options available:

  • Give electronically to the St. Andrew General Fund
  • Set up your donation to St. Andrew to be paid through your bill paying service at your personal bank.
  • Mail a check to St. Andrew, or drop your envelope into our locked mail box: 16290 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA 95476