As our congregation remains rooted in our call of mission, we wait during this unprecedented time of shelter in place for God’s calling. We continue to navigate our families, jobs, faith connections, zoom and just our day-to-day pandemic lifestyle. Not only are we unsure of the future and look of our new normal, but our mission calling has taken its own form:

Mission: Romania!
For several years we have been able to take active roles on Romania soil – dropping boots, coats, and leading Roma children in Vacation Bible School each summer. This pandemic is not able to connect us physically for now, but we can connect in love through God’s gift of food!

The St. Andrew mission committee was able to send $4,000 for our brother in Christ, Sabin, to use to feed the devastated Roma people who are under martial law shelter in place due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are thrilled to also announce that a private donor has come forward with matching funds to ensure that the families in our Roma communities have the food they need to survive.

Mission: Sonoma!
Another Amen! The mission committee, in partnership with the Deacons, were able to help our sister congregation, The Grace of the Cross (our Sunday afternoon congregation) with $3,000 of support.

Pastor Ricardo and his family, along with a few other families in their congregation, have been helping 29 local families who have been affected by Covid-19 by supplying food and rent aid. With our help, they have purchased 100 pounds of rice, beans, sugar, chicken, oil and eggs and split the purchases into four-pound bags, delivering to those in need within his congregation.

Pastor Ricardo and his family and congregation have been a beautiful part of St. Andrew’s larger family story. We are blessed by them in many ways, and now we can bless them and extend assistance to those in need within our own doors.

Mission: Sonoma – an opportunity for each of us to assist our local community – on FRIDAY, MAY 29TH at ParkPoint!

May God’s spirit continue to connect St. Andrew in ways that we could never have imagined before March 2020. These callings are just the beginning of where and how God will keep revealing to us our next way!

Be well, and may we remember with each new day upon us to keep our eyes and hearts open – we have each other and that is everything!

Much love, in His name,
Stacey Schoeningh, Mission Coordinator

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