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Wednesday Zoom Room

Today, Wednesday April 29th at 3:00 pm
Join us in the “Zoom Room” to check in with one another and have a conversation.

Use the Zoom link in our Wednesday E-News email. Email the church office if you need the “Zoom Room” Zoom link: Link Request


This Friday, May 1st at 6:00 pm: 
Join us for BINGO!  Are you ready for a fun night of Fellowship and Friendly Competition?

First, follow this a link to get your Bingo card – one card is needed per person for the entire evening – we’d love to have your whole family play:

After following the link, you’ll be asked for your email address. You will then receive the link to your individual bingo card by email.  If you need additional bingo cards for family members without an email address, please email Scott Walthard by noon Friday at the Church Office and let him know how many additional cards are needed.  Each card will have its own unique link.

Then, log in to Zoom at 6:00 pm on Friday for five fun games of BINGO!
Use the Zoom link in our Wednesday E-News email. Email the church office if you need the Bingo! Zoom link: Link Request

Dear Friends,

In talking with many of you over the last several weeks in various chat spaces, I hear that this time has been a mixed bag of experiences and emotions. I sure relate to that!

I came upon an article by Dr. Andrea Bonior, a counselor who speaks to the ebb and flow of this time and helps us to name the challenge.

“You are coping with each day as you go through something exceedingly stressful and strange. Something that there’s no road map for.”

In other words, Dr. Bonier suggests: let’s not be so hard on ourselves if we feel out of sorts, lethargic, not able to “get things done” on our to-do lists. At some point, we will marvel at what we’ve been through and in retrospect we will be more able to make meaning of this time.  

And yet, all of you have said, there are sweet things to relish in each day: our conversations, notes sent and received, good books, cute pet videos, entertaining and informing TV shows to enjoy. Oh, and the sun on our face as we step outside.   

Here is a blessing for you today:

“On Waking” by John O’Donohue  

I give thanks for arriving safely in a new dawn,
For the gift of eyes to see the world,
The gift of mind to feel at home in my life.
The waves of possibility breaking on the shore of dawn,
The harvest of the past that awaits my hunger,
And all the furtherings this new day will bring.  

Yes, even during this time, a new day dawns in God’s Grace!  

Love to you and yours,


Pastor Jan Reynolds


See this beautiful video!
Connect with humanity across the world:

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Ways to Serve:

St. Andrew is a beacon of hope and love in our community! Look for the Missions Newsletter that will soon be released showing how you can serve, even when locked down!

(From PCUSA Resources) – See article below

How to reassure children and reduce anxiety during this time

April 16, 2020

Just like adults, children may be dealing with stress and anxiety related to the current health crisis. Here are ways you can help to reassure your children and reduce their anxiety, along with where to turn if you need help.

Many of us are dealing with stress and anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic. If you have children at home, they also may be dealing with similar feelings — but they have less life experience to interpret what they’re seeing and hearing.

While you can’t shelter your children from the news, there are ways that you can help them understand and process it. Cigna Behavioral Health provides the following strategies to reassure your children and reduce anxiety during this global health crisis.

Talk about it

Monitor and talk about what they see on the news. Be aware of what your children are exposed to (including via digital devices) and set limits. Watch the news with them and discuss it afterward. Talk with teens about the importance of getting information from reputable sources and share examples, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Encourage your children to talk to you about their thoughts and feelings. Let them express fears, thoughts, and worries. Be supportive and sympathetic but avoid overreacting. Be ready for hard questions: “Will I get sick?” “What if it happens to you or Dad?”

Give direct, age-appropriate answers. Children need facts to process what’s going on and understand what it means. Be honest but sensitive in how you answer. Include messages of reassurance: “We’re going to do everything we can to stay healthy.”

Offer only as much information as they request. Sometimes our own discomfort can push us to keep talking, and we end up on shaky ground. Listen to what they’re asking and answer that question. Period. It’s okay to say you don’t have all the answers.

Reduce anxiety, build up resilience

Reassure with words. When you talk with your children, point out that the risk to any one person is low. Talk about safety precautions that the government, your community, doctors, and your own family are taking to stay safe.

Reassure with actions. Maintain family routines, particularly around meals, bedtimes, and scheduled activities. Give lots of hugs. Express your love out loud. Make time to do things together, such as riding bikes, taking a walk, reading together, or playing board games as a family. Structure and normalcy feel safe.

You know your child’s personality and behavior patterns. Look for changes such as sleep problems, changes in appetite, moodiness or irritability, or withdrawal. If you see changes that concern you, and they go on for more than a couple of weeks, contact a mental health professional.

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