Note from Nicole

This coming Sunday…

Dear St. Andrew Community,

This Sunday our Ministry Support Leader, Tracy Walthard, will be preaching on Matthew 25:31-46. I asked Tracy to preach on this text specifically. She graciously stepped up to the challenge and it is a challenging text! I asked because of what our denomination calls “being a Matthew 25 church.” What’s that you might ask? Keep reading.

Our denomination offers many opportunities and ways to deepen our faith commitment through programs like these. By now you may be familiar with our being a certified “Earth Care Congregation,” taking specific steps and meeting criteria to be able to maintain that status as we focus and deepen our efforts towards doing our part in caring for God’s creation. 

Also available to us, is becoming a “More Light Congregation” which lets those who are searching for an open and affirming congregation know that they can find love and celebration for LGBTQ folk here at St. Andrew.

Becoming a “Matthew 25 Congregation” means doing our part in helping to build congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism and eradicating systemic poverty.1 It’s a missional focus which allows us to look outside ourselves, something St. Andrew already does so well!

We may or may not become a Matthew 25 Congregation, time will tell, but I thought it was worth exploring and am grateful that Tracy accepted the challenge. The scripture is a judgment parable, and those are always the hardest to preach, but they are also one of the most satisfying, as we don’t shy away from difficult texts, but possibly come to new understandings as we look deeper. 

See you Sunday,




If you weren’t able to attend last Sunday’s service, or if you would like to watch the sermon again, click the link below to watch the video of last Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Nicole Trotter – “The Permanence of Impermanence”

To access past Wednesday E-News emails and Sunday Sermon Videos, follow this link.


St. Andrew has a long history of mission giving as we put into practice what it means to love our neighbor. We do this within our church, in the greater community of Sonoma, across the country and around the world. In an effort to focus our giving and participation, we will be highlighting one mission each month throughout the year in worship, during announcements and in our weekly Wednesday Eblast.

Our Mission focus, for the month of September, is The Presbytery of the Redwoods Hunger Task Force Mission, Pedal for Protein. See below for more details!

Each month over the course of the year, should you feel moved to contribute financially towards the mission of focus for that month, please indicate on your check or envelope where you’d like the money to go. Without notation, we will place all contributions towards the operating budget of the church, which is always appreciated.

Focusing on one mission per month does not preclude you from giving towards any of our missions throughout the year. You can always indicate where you’d like your contribution to go, and please keep in mind there is more than one way to contribute to the life and community of St. Andrew, as your time and talents are greatly appreciated.

Pedal for Protein (P4P) is a group bike ride sponsored by the Presbytery of the Redwoods, Hunger Task Force based in Napa, California.

All funds raised are donated to Northern California Food Banks for local food pantries and one international hunger relief project. Participation helps many grassroots food pantries that are struggling to provide quality protein food such as canned tuna, peanut butter, canned beans, yogurt, eggs and more to hungry families, seniors and children along the Northern California Coast from the Golden Gate Bridge to Crescent City, also including Napa, Solano and Lake Counties.

Pedal for Protein raised over $60,000 in 2021. In its first eight years, riders have raised collectively $352,000!

Once again this year, a St. Andrew family has generously offered to match all donations received by St. Andrew for Pedal for Protein in September!

If you’d like to support Pedal for Protein with a financial donation, please follow this link to donate electronically or drop a check to St. Andrew in the mail or in the offering plate on Sunday with “Pedal for Protein” in the memo field. Thank You!

Dear Friends of Pedal for Protein,

Please help us have a successful one day ride by inviting your congregation, friends and any riders to a “fun ride!”

Signing up online is “best” or day of ride at First Pres. Petaluma! It’s a fun ride and time!  

All information to register or donate is available in the image above.



Thursday, September 22nd

6:00pm – 7:30pm

St. Andrew offers an evening of Pizza & Theology in the Fellowship Hall. Join us for a slice of pizza and salad as we gather around a table to discuss our most pressing questions about God. Donations to cover the cost of the dinner are gratefully accepted. Please RSVP to Stacey Schoeningh by following this link so we can plan accordingly. All are welcome!


Follow this link for a message from Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, detailing ways we can provide aid for refugees and civilians suffering in Ukraine, and call for engaging a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

The Community of Sonoma Offers Opportunities to Support Ukraine

All are invited to meet on the Sonoma Plaza on Friday night at 5:00pm until further notice to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Join Sonoma Valley Interfaith on Mondays and Wednesdays (9:00-9:30 AM) at the Sonoma FCC/CCS Redwood Grove for silent prayer and deepening compassion for the people of the Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic Countries. All are welcome!


In-Person Worship 

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Sunday, September 25


Indoors in our Sanctuary

St. Andrew has been, and will continue to be, in compliance with the County and State regulations regarding Covid protocols. It’s important for us to protect one another as we worship. We have these updated guidelines in place for everyone’s safety, in accordance with CDC and Sonoma County regulations, and approved by our St. Andrew Session:

  • Masks are currently strongly recommended, for all individuals indoors. Health officials strongly recommend masks as an effective tool to prevent the spread of the virus. All employees and volunteers working with children and youth will be required to wear masks.
  • Do not attend services if you are not feeling well or are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, etc. 
  • We will continue to have doors open to aid airflow throughout the sanctuary and hand sanitizer readily available.
  • We ask that all in attendance refrain from hugging and other forms of physical interaction.

Please continue your giving during this time, so that St. Andrew may continue to serve our local community and our membership. We recognize that some of you have been impacted financially by economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those of you who can, please continue to give on a regular basis.

There are several options available:

  • Give electronically to the St. Andrew General Fund
  • Set up your donation to St. Andrew to be paid through your bill paying service at your personal bank.
  • Mail a check to St. Andrew, or drop your envelope into our locked mail box: 16290 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA 95476