Sunday, April 26, 2020

St. Andrew’s Commemoration of Pastor Rich Gantenbein

Sunday worship service featuring Rev. Russ Kane, Rabbi Steve Finley and Rev. Bob Conover

11:00 am Coffee Hour – Join us to share memories of Rich.

This Sunday, please join us for a beautiful worship service where we will give thanks to God for Rich Gantenbein’s ministry at St. Andrew. Rev. Russ Kane, Rich’s longtime friend, colleague, and collaborator, will offer the sermon message. Rabbi Steve Finley will offer a blessing. Rev. Bob Conover will address the unique legacy of Rich to St. Andrew and our Presbytery. 

At our 11:00 Virtual Coffee Hour, we will celebrate the legacy of Rich Gantenbein at St. Andrew and share our memories. What have been Rich’s unique and lasting contributions to St. Andrew? What are your favorite memories of Rich? Bring these to share! 


Ephesians 4:2  Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Astronaut Scott Kelly “Sheltered in Space” for one full year!

Dear Friends,

I know we are all coming across some entertaining articles, blogs and videos that give us perspective and a few laughs. I got a kick out this one where NASA astronauts give us advice on how to cope during our Shelter In Place. They sure know what it means to spend a lot of time in limited space, alone or with others! 

The full title of the article:

“Even astronauts get ornery: Coronavirus advice from those who have endured social distancing in the extreme…
Tom Wolfe was wrong:
The ‘right stuff’ is less bravado, more patience and compassion.

In the article, astronauts and researchers who study their experiences of being confined in a spacecraft in orbit, a ship at sea or an outpost in Antarctica, can shed light on how we can best navigate an unsettling time. Here are their main tips:

1. Don’t count the days – it makes it seem longer! 

2. Get into a comfortable routine, so you look forward to various parts of the day.

3. Small annoyances can turn into major irritations, so have patience and compassion for your housemates when they bug you, and curb your own bad habits for their sake. 

4. Make up holidays to celebrate for any reason. Did you clean out your sock drawer? Celebrate with good food and music! 

5. Distinguish between loneliness and aloneness. Learn to enjoy your aloneness; reach out if you are feeling lonely.

You can read the article at  

On this last point, please know that this congregation cares about you and would love to spend time in your company! Join others for a Zoom conversation most Wednesday afternoons (link will be sent on Wednesday mornings) and during our Sunday coffee hour (link sent with the Sunday service) or other church groups that are forming online. Or if you’d like to be part of a phone list where you can check in on one another, that’s another great way to connect! Just let me or the church office know. 

And enjoy these other resources below for your comfort, health and well-being.

All God’s Blessings for living well during this cooped up time!

Rev. Jan Reynolds


Choir of Women Physicians sings RISE AGAIN (virtually)


To listen to these meditations, click on the link. These are from Kaiser Permanente.

A meditation for relaxation and wellness – This meditation is designed to help you move into a place of deep relaxation and increase your general wellness. 38:04

A meditation for better sleep – This meditation is designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up more rested. 60:50

Meditations for panic attacks and anxiety – These meditations guide you through counting breaths, reciting a mantra, and doing a body scan to help you deal with panic attacks and anxiety. 57:42

A meditation for coping with grief – This meditation may help you cope with grief, teaching you affirmations that can make you feel stronger — even as you work through painful emotions. 48:18

A meditation for anger and forgiveness – This meditation is designed to help you manage anger, teaching you affirmations that can heal resentment and set the stage for forgiveness. 43:34

More can be found at:


A note from Jan:  If you would like to speak with me about end of life issues or questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch!

“Do you know what medical care your loved ones would want in the worst-case scenario? Louise Aronson, a geriatrician at the University of California, San Francisco, says patients at high risk from the coronavirus should have conversations about what kind of life — and death — they want. Here are resources for starting those conversations and filling out advance health care directives:

Aronson is also author of the book “Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life.”


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