Our pastor, Rich Gantenbein, passed away suddenly on April 27, 2019 after 37 years with our church.  We were excited to welcome The Rev. Janice K. Reynolds as our Interim Pastor.

April 2020 Update

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has just completed a major benchmark in our church’s search for a new pastor.   For the past two and a half months, we have been taking all the information that you, the congregation, provided us this past fall via the survey and focus groups to create the required Ministry Information Form (MIF).

The MIF is essentially a very detailed job description and ad for the pastor position here at St. Andrew.  With much discernment, discussion and many drafts we presented that completed MIF to the Session for approval, which was granted. 

Having our Session’s approval , we then forwarded the MIF to the Presbytery of the Redwoods Committee on Ministry.  That committee’s approval was the final one required in order to post it online with the Church Leadership Connection site of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Their approval was given and we are now posting the MIF.

We anticipate that posting online to initially generate at least 50 potential candidates from all across the country.  It will also continue to generate candidates to be considered even as we, the PNC,  undertake the next task of receiving and then reviewing all these submissions.  

Please kindly remember that PNC  members are bound by confidentiality and will be unable to share names and current status on any prospective pastors. 

Referrals Are Welcome

If you have a candidate in mind, please encourage them to apply through the CLC site

Please note that PNC members are bound by confidentiality and will be unable to share the names and current status of any suggested prospective pastors.

The Pastor Nominating Process At A Glance

Phase 1 (complete): The Mission Study Team conducts a mission study.

We look at where St. Andrew is today and establish future desired goals. This  helps to define the description of our wants and needs of the new pastor’s role and abilities in the ministry and leadership of St. Andrew going forward. That information is then utilized to develop and fill out the Ministry Information Form (MIF) specific to St. Andrew. The Mission Study Team was appointed in August, 2019 and completed its study in November of 2019.  MST members: Eileen Haflich, Marilyn Kittleson, Angela Ljung, Leslie Miller and Michael Weiss.

Update: The Mission Study Report was presented to Session in November, 2019 and approved. It was then presented to the Presbytery in December, 2019 and approved.

Phase 2 (complete): The congregation elects a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

The Session’s Nominating Committee presented a slate of potential PNC members, which was approved at our Congregational Meeting on September 22, 2019. The PNC is in charge of filling out the Ministry Information Form (MIF) and managing the pastor selection process.

​Update:  Members of the PNC are: Tekla Coronado, Dan Gustafson, Eileen Haflich, Rich Henley, Rick Hicks (Co-Chairperson), Debby Ingram, Jenny Shipston, Eric Van Cleave (Co-Chairperson) and Michael Weiss. 

Phase 3 (complete): An interim pastor is called.

We were blessed to have a wonderful Interim Pastor who worked with our congregation in pastoral care and women’s ministries before she agreed to be our Interim Pastor.  Thanks, Jan, for all that you have done and continue to do for us!

Update:  We were excited to welcome The Rev. Janice K. Reynolds as Interim Pastor, starting in early May, 2019.

Phase 4 (in process): The PNC searches for and selects our next pastor.

This process begins with the development of a Ministry Information Form (MIF) that is approved by Session as well as the Presbytery of the Redwoods’ Committee on Ministry. The MIF is a reflection of the Mission Study, as well as St. Andrew’s mission and vision statements, used as guides to create a job description that details what characteristics, attributes and skills we are expecting our pastor to have and their job duties and responsibilities. The MIF is shared with prospective pastors via the PC(USA) websites and other outlets. The PNC receives and reviews candidates’ Personal Information Forms (PIFs), conducts interviews, hosts “neutral pulpits” and checks references. The process culminates with a call to the final nominee.

Update:  The MIF has been completed, approved by Session and the Committee on Ministry, and posted with PC (USA).

Phase 5: Congregation elects and welcomes our new Pastor and Head of Staff.

Once the candidate has accepted, Session calls a Congregational Meeting, at which the congregation elects the new pastor. Presbytery approves the candidate and the Terms of Call.


Mission Study Report – Download the PDF