Put November 20th on your calendar! Both Junior and Senior High Youth Groups will be shopping, packing and delivering food baskets to families in need! More info coming soon!

Sr. High Youth, 9-12th grade, meet upstairs, 10:15 AM to 11:15 PM every Sunday.  Today, Sunday, November  13th, we will be making a Stir Fry for Sonoma Overnight Shelter!


Hi All

As with some things in youth ministry and life, things change after announcements have gone out!

We are redoing Buy A Mile. We are NOT doing a raffle. We are doing something that will last and that is a great need here at St Andrew! Here is the new information!

Buy A Mile Fundraiser: Caravan 2016 is in Eastern Shore, Virginia. It is 5,934 miles round trip! Our Goal is $6,000. The youth will be cleaning out the “barn”, fix the trim, paint both the shed and sea container. We will be doing the work under our youth leaders direction and expertise. We have had people donate $2,500! Now we are asking for the remaining $3,500. Donating helps the youth experience a week of ministry and growth! Plus St Andrew will get a “new” look for our much needed storage container!



Hi All,

I hope you are all well:) Here is information you need to know! There are a lot of details, below, that are important for you to read.

1. 30Hour Famine has been postponed! The new date is Sun and Mon, 6/26-27! We will be camping out at the church! We will arrive at church at 12:30pm, build our “homes” and experience the challenges that a child in extreme poverty live with! On Mon, we will break our juice fast at 6:30pm. This is a team building event for caravan as well as raising funds for World Vision.

2. So- we will be giving our focus to Crop Walk on 4/24! We will be the hands and feet of Jesus by walking:) Plan to meet at Burlingame Hall at 12pm. We will walk until 2pm.

3.  Buy A Mile starts in 2 weeks! This is a fundraiser for caravan!! See details above.

Dawne Carver

NExT Message from Ed:

Greetings all,

We’ve had some good discussions on friendship and relationships.

How to make friends, how relationships change, how they are beneficial.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to come. Time is valuable and we will try not to waste yours.

Have a great time watching the Super Bowl if you follow it and get your Mom some flowers for Valentines day!

We will meet again on Feb 21 @ 10:30. Put it on your calendar. We’ll be talking about discovering what your gifts are and doing a very cool personality inventory to help you know what your strengths are and are not.

See you then.

Here to Serve,

Dear High School Youth and Parents,

Welcome to Senior High Youth Program! My name is Dawne Carver and I would like to share with you the opportunities we offer our High School youth. There is youth group, monthly events, NExT and Caravan. I have enclosed a calendar of events. Our goal is to grow together in Christ and serve others locally and in other parts of the world.

Youth Group meets on Sundays, 10:15am-11:15am. Jacob Lange and I are the leaders. We spend time sharing our week, exploring how God is present in our lives and planning events, service projects and/or playing games. I am very excited about a service project that we have started. We will be preparing a dinner for Sonoma Overnight Shelter every 2nd Sunday during youth group. We will be planning the menu, bringing in food, preparing it and delivering to the Shelter. This is a great way to serve in our own community.

We try to have an event every month, such as a concert, service project or team-building event. These events are on the calendar and will be posted on the St Andrew website, under Students.

Caravan is an amazing annual mission trip that takes place for a week at the end of July/beginning of August where youth serve in a different community. The youth experience what it is like to be out of their comfort zone, worship with others while serving side by side with other youth. At the end of the week, the youth plan church service, Caravan Sunday, where they share their stories and experiences of the week. There are team building events, fundraising and informational meetings. St Andrew has been sending youth on Caravan for 23 years! Catch up on our 2015 mission here: /?p=112

My contact information is 530-305-8239 (cell) and [email protected] . Please feel free to contact me regarding any question, concerns or volunteering! I look forward to an exciting year!


Dawne Carver
Director of Youth Ministries

High School Youth Group Calendar 2016



10: make dinner for SOS

16: Prom from 7 to 11PM

24: Crop Walk on 4/24; 12-2:30pm; youth walk to raise money for hunger. Meet at Burlington Hall.

26-27: 30 Hour Famine: Sun and Mon, 6/26-27





Every year, hundreds of thousands of students in the U.S. and around the world unite to do the Famine. Join them, and your group will learn about hunger, raise funds to help the hungry, and then go hungry yourselves for 30 hours. Through the Famine, teens grow closer to Christ and each other — all while helping to save the lives of hungry kids.

Learn more about World Vision’s work at http://worldvision.org.


8: make dinner for SOS

15: Buy-A-Mile

This is a fundraiser for caravan!! We need to raise $3,500. We will be selling raffle tickets in between services! $20 enters a person in a raffle! We will pull 2 tickets- one for each service- on 5/15! The winners will choose a dinner made and served by youth or a 4 hour “spring cleaning” done by the youth. We will be putting together a list of jobs that the youth will be able to do and the winner will be able to check off. I will need youth to be available for ticket selling 4/24, 5/1 and 5/8, drawing on 5/15 (ea service) and working the dinner or cleaning!


3: Graduation

5: Graduation Celebration

12: making dinner for SOS



10: make dinner for SOS

30-8/7: Caravan Details


7: Caravan Sunday



 Come join us and our fearless leaders!


Invite a friend. Hope to see you there!!!!!