american idolI’ve invited Tracy Walthard, our Director of Children and Family Ministries to preach this Sunday. Two weeks ago we talked about choosing gratitude over entitlement. Those who have gone on before us have blessed us. Last week, Bill and Mary Shea shared their story of sacrifice. The life I’ve been given to live is so precious, and I owe a debt to those who sacrificed for me. This week Tracy will help us reflect on what we’re passing onto the next generation. Here are some of her thoughts as we prepare ourselves for Sunday…

We love our TV and our reality shows.  We love to watch people rise to the top and dream of being extraordinary.  American Idol has been a favorite in our family. A show we regularly record.  The music and the flashing imposing idol gets the heart racing each time.

Today families struggle with the pressures and demands placed on them, but one of the biggest demands is making sure our children are the “next American Idol.”  Maybe not literally, but certainly in our need to make sure they are extraordinary.  Parents today spend more time and money on their children and invest more heavily in their children’s future than ever before – in fact, to the point of financial ruin in some cases. No sacrifice is too great for our kids.

But are we making the right sacrifices? Are children being raised to believe they are the most important part of the world?  Are they taught that struggles, disappointments, and hardships shouldn’t touch them?  Are parents sacrificing for their children but sacrificing their children’s future in the process?  Are we parenting from a biblical or world view?

Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”   Do we seek God’s kingdom for our children and our families?  Or have we placed idols on our mantles?  Is your child a business award, or a great investment-return idol in your world?  Or are you living to “seek the Kingdom of God?”

The future of our children and the church depends on how we answer these questions!