Hospitality means making people feel welcome and comfortable at St. Andrew. Often this has something to do with food! You are welcome to join the hospitality team in any of the following areas:

Worship Greeters

Greeters create a warm and welcoming atmosphere when people enter the doors of St. Andrew on Sunday mornings by providing a smile, bulletin, and answers to questions people might have.

Greeters work in pairs and take turns with greeter teams so that every service is provided the best welcome we can provide.

  • Arrive at least thirty minutes before the start of the service.
  • Check the sanctuary for trash and anything else which might hinder someone’s worship experience.
  • Make sure bulletins are in order and ready to present.
  • Light communion table candles (extinguish them after the second service.)
  • Greet and welcome people until the congregational prayer time. This insures that latecomers receive a hearty welcome as well. Often these are people who are stressed and could use a word of encouragement. No matter when they arrive, we’re glad they came.

Sunday Morning Coffee

The goal is to create teams who prepare the morning coffee fellowship after each service. The purpose of the coffee fellowship is to promote relationships as people stand around sipping coffee and talking.

The job involves:

  • Arriving at least thirty minutes prior to the service to brew the coffee and set up the serving tables, sugar and cream, napkins, etc.
  • Monitor the coffee pots and brew new pots of java as needed.
  • Following the second service, the kitchen and coffee pots need to be cleaned and garbage deposited in the garbage cans.
  • Coordinate purchase of supplies with Cathy Collier.