Our facility is heavily used throughout the week. Several of the rooms are used on a daily basis. The janitor comes only once a week, so often our rooms need extra attention in order to make our building a desirable place to be.

Chores that need to be done are given as an example listed below:

  • Checking room weekly
  • Removing marks from the walls
  • Cleaning dry erase boards
  • Ensure “stuff” doesn’t accumulate
  • Clean off tabletops
  • Clean windows and blinds when necessary

Facility Angels

The Building is now twelve years old and needs attention to keep it looking good: the windows need to be regularly washed, sidewalks and other areas power-washed, closets and other storage areas need to be constantly monitored and organized.

The building angels will take on the jobs the cleaning service is not paid to do. In order to do this, those who sign up will be organized and assigned specific areas of responsibility. An orientation to the building will be provided along with where to find cleaning supplies.

Grounds Maintenance

The first thing people see after the building is the condition of the grounds. It takes consistent and persistent work to keep the grounds is shape. Those who sign up to work the grounds will select an assignment, then be responsible to see that the assigned task or area is maintained. Areas of need currently identified include:

  • High weed mowing
  • Weed whacking
  • Blowing debris off the parking lot
  • Plant care and pruning

Office Worker Bees

Wednesday Worker Bees are office helpers that have the opportunity to do an assortment of tasks, which require no previous experience. On-the-job training will be provided and the hours needed to accomplish these tasks are very flexible.

As a Wednesday Worker Bee, here are some of the tasks you might be asked to do:

  • Bee responsible for putting out a large all-church mailing, which may include making copies of letters, folding inserts, adhering labels to envelopes, sealing envelopes, putting postage on envelopes and taking the mailing to the post office.
  • Prepare monthly birthday and anniversary cards to be sent out to friends and members of St. Andrew. This is accomplished by choosing appropriate cards, adhering mailing labels to envelopes and marking for mailing date.
  • Periodically run errands to places such as the bank, office supply store, post office
  • Answer phones, type, staple, copy and collate miscellaneous documents
  • Assemble church directories

Additionally, Sunday worker bees are needed to count the offering that is taken each Sunday. This is a once a month commitment. The money does not have to be counted on Sundays. Mondays or Tuesdays would work too. Money counters work in pairs of two recording the money donated. Once the money is recorded on a tally sheet, it is then totaled and your job is done

Evangelism Publicity

The signs on Arnold Drive generate interest…people coming to St. Andrew for the first time are curious about what the church has to offer. We are looking for people willing to pay attention to how best we can communicate the message and programs of St. Andrew to first-time guests.

Areas of need currently identified include:

  • Creating and regularly changing the banners on Arnold Dr.
  • Create and maintain bookmark size information cards.
  • Coordinate with the St. Andrew website to help keep content up to date and event information current.