It’s time to gather volunteers to continue this valuable Mission. 

Volunteers needed for these opportunities. For more information contact [email protected] or call 292-1128.

  • Contacting the family to identify gift wishes for each child. (Nov. 9-16)
  • Transcribing gift wishes to the Angel Tree Gift Tags (Nov. 16-29)
  • Keeping a log of those in the congregation who pick up the gift tags for each child (Nov 15, 22, 30, Dec. 6) while manning the table—both services
  • Collecting the gifts at church (providing a garbage bag or large space to collect gifts)
  • Wrapping and labeling the gifts
  • Coordinate routes and/or delivery teams
  • Placing the gifts in individual family bags and handing them over to designated delivery teams on Sundays, Dec. 13 and 20

Children are the innocent victims when a parent winds up in prison and the pressures on the family without a breadwinner and parent are especially acute during the holiday season.  St. Andrew parishioners volunteer to purchase special gifts for these children through a program of giving and love called Angel Tree.

St. Andrew adopted Angel Tree as a Mission effort in 1999 to bring Christmas gifts to the children of imprisoned parents on behalf of the missing parent and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to reach children in the Sonoma Valley and provide each with a fun gift and a gift of clothing.  Volunteers are given the name, age and gift wish of a specific child and asked to go purchase it, before the date listed above.  All are invited to participate in gift purchasing.

In December, we prepare family gift bags to include the gifts of all children in the family, match each family to a pair of delivery volunteers, and make the bags available in time for delivery to the children in the final days before Christmas.

Thanks to our Angel Tree Coordinator, Jean McQuady, for her continuing work in making Angel Tree a success.