Mission Trip 2010 Daily Updates

Departure Day – April 4th
Arriving in El Salvador – April 5th
Day 2 – April 6th
Day 3 – April 7th
Day 4 – April 8th
Day 5 – April 9th
Day 6 – April 10th
Day 7- April 11th
Day 8 – April 12th

Mission Trip 2010 Planning

The 2010 El Salvador Team will leave San Francisco airport on Sunday, April 4th and will return on Wednesday April 14th.  This years team participants are: Gary Stein, Bennett Martin, David Irvine, Michael Irvine, Guillermo Gonzalez, Victor Hunter, Rich Gantenbein, and Rick Hicks.  All team members are volunteering their time and funds to participate in the mission.

We would like to introduce the participants of this years mission trip to you:

Gary Stein, a self-described pilgrim, traveled to El Salvador in early January and stayed for nearly three months to facilitate the dispersal of some emergency foods supplies that St. Andrew sent to the village in response to Hurricane Stan, which devastated the whole country.  Gary also worked to prepare the work site and foundation for the playground and basketball court that the team will construct when they arrive.  Gary also meet with local government officials and secured the support of the local mayors office.

Robert Bernard is returning for his second trip to El Salvador. Robert has extensive experience in construction and we are excited to have him and his expertise as a part of our 2010 team.

David Irvine will be returning to El Salvador again as the church’s staff member in charge of the trip.  David led the El Salvador Team in 2002 and 2007 and works at St. Andrew as the Director of Worship when he is not in El Salvador.

Returning to Buenos Aires for the sixth time is Michael Irvine.  Michael participated in the first mission trip in 2002 before moving to the village in 2004 where he worked as a volunteer and traveled around the region.  Michael will be one of the main interpreters on the trip, he will also lead the efforts to update the census he originally took in 2005 and will maintain the website information and web updates for the trip.

Guillermo Gonzalez, a native of El Salvador, is the reason the church is working in El Salvador.  His heartfelt devotion to his country after the devastating hurricane of 1999 and earthquake of 2001 were the inspiration behind the creation of this church’s mission in Buenos Aires.  Guillermo is also the board president of USA New Horizons, a 501(c)3 that supports the church’s work in El Salvador.

Victor Hunter was recruited by his friend Bennett Martin and will be traveling to El Salvador for the first time.

Rich Gantenbein, the pastor of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, will be returning to El Salvador for the fifth time.  Rich will be working to reaffirm the churches’ commitment to Buenos Aires and will meet with local church, government and nonprofit leaders.

Rick Hicks has been a member of St. Andrew for 3 years and is an officer and board member of USA New Horizons.  He is a local attorney.  This will be his first trip to El Salvador.