Mission Trip 2004 Daily Updates

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Departure Day – Blessings from the Congregation
Day 1 (Oct. 11) Arrival in El Salvador.
Day 2 (Oct. 12) Waiting for the container to arrive
Day 3 (Oct. 13) Still waiting…
Day 4 (Oct. 14) Container finally arrives…
Day 5 (Oct. 15) The building is going up…
Day 6 (Oct. 16) Sewing students are learning quickly
Day 7 (Oct. 17) Day of R&R
Day 8 (Oct. 18) Progress and more rain….
Day 9 (Oct. 19) The Finale

Mission Trip 2004 Planning

The purpose of our second mission trip to Buenos Aires, El Salvador was to build a 30’x40′ multi-purpose building to be used as a clinic, library and meeting place.

In addition to the building construction, the 2004 El Salvador Team taught the local villagers how to sew. The team took 22 donated sewing machines that were serviced, cleaned and oiled, and over 100 buckets and boxes of sewing supplies and notions. Members of the team taught interested villagers how to use the sewing machines and how to complete some simple projects. The ultimate goal was to give the villagers the ability to make items (quilts, skirts, place mats, etc.) that they would then be able to sell in their own community and teach them skills that they could use to get jobs. Opportunities for generating income are rare in this area of extreme poverty. The new skills gave the villagers the means to assist in their own financial security.

Fundraising efforts for the 2004 trip included a Carriage House Sale breakfast, July 4th hamburger booth at the plaza, Saturday car wash, Vintage Festival booth selling Caesar salads and drinks, and Sunday services “wish list” envelope sales. We have received generous donations from St. Andrew members along with help and support from Home Depot, Friedman’s, Costco, Village Sewing Center and Longs.

The 2004 team left from San Francisco on October 10 and returned Oct 19th. The team included: Joe & Barbara Lilley, Jim MacFarlan, Kitty Klingberg, Kieran Toovey, Mike & Cathy Collier, Lynn Klingberg, David Irvine, Brenda Albertz, Dennis Litman, Camerino Hawing and Kymry Borkenhagen.

A special note about Michael Irvine: After taking part in our mission trip in 2002, Michael was so moved by his experience that he decided to take a year off from school after graduating from Santa Rosa High School to visit all of the countries of Central America. He is now in Buenos Aires and is helping coordinate our 2004 trip.