Mission Possible at St. Andrew

St. Andrew calls on us to reach out and give tangible support to worthy organizations engaged in bringing people to Jesus Christ.

Every Spring and Fall, the Missions Committee presents our congregation with opportunities to give to and/or actively participate in ministries we know to be doing God’s work – whether in our own community or abroad.

This year, our target ministries focus on evangelical work with children and young adults. In each case, people from St. Andrew are already playing an active role in their good works:

1) Young Life/ WyldLife, Sonoma
A local program that is part of a well established, successful national and international program, designed to bring unchurched high school and middle school kids to Christ
National website: www.younglife.org
How can you help?: Financial support for summer camp scholarships and ongoing weekly meetings, plus volunteer and mentoring participants invited.

2) Vacation Bible School, Romania
A program, scheduled for July 21 to August 5, 2005, involving volunteers from several California churches to help Romanian churches learn how to plan, organize and jointly conduct a vacation bible school program for kids, as well as witnessing in churches of opportunity.

How can you help?: volunteers who can support their own trip costs, plus money for trip scholarships invited.

3) NieuCommunities, South Africa
A program involving an American couple (friends of Tim Ramage) who are teaching college age students to become lay leaders in a Campus Crusade type of movement.

How can you help?: Financial contributions to sustain the couple’s living there, plus volunteers for an ongoing prayer support group at St. Andrew are invited.

The Missions Committee offers this array of “giving” opportunities, urging members and friends to support one or all of them, as their “hearts for mission” guides them.

Results of our Spring Mission Possible Event

St. Andrew’s people supported our three target ministries with contributions totaling a record high of $4,034.

The breakdown:

$ Raised
#Donor Gifts
Avg. $/Gift
Romania Vac. Bible School
Young Life

*Includes $715 coming from 11 donors as overall contributions to Mission Possible (without target specification); these were split evenly among the three target ministries.

Many thanks St. Andrew for your generous response. You may be sure these funds will be put to good use in God’s work, and meantime we pledge to keep you posted on this site with news on the progress of each ministry as fresh information becomes available.