St. Andrew provides the option to members and friends of giving to God first through an automatic giving deduction from your checking or savings account to our general operating fund. Giving (donations) for Mission projects, special needs, etc. will still be made through weekly offering collections during Sunday services and/or by mail to the Church office.

For those of you not living in Sonoma who enjoy our weekly audio sermons, or perhaps you would like to donate to St. Andrew on behalf of one of our members, we have set up a PayPal account to accept your online donations. Please click the “donate” button in the side bar to process your donation.

How can I participate in the automatic giving process?

There are two options:
(1) complete a Written Authorization Form (available in our Church office) which includes name, address, amount and frequency (monthly, weekly, or twice per month), and your checking or savings account information. You must also attach a voided check or deposit slip from your checking account. If one is not available, then a form of correspondence from the financial institution (stating the account number and routing number) must be attached
(2) on-line enrollment. Just click on the link below and you will be taken to a secure on-line application process with requests for some essential information to begin the process. In the on-line application process there are two options for giving (donation) frequency: monthly and weekly.


How long does my giving continue and can I change the amount or frequency?
Once you begin Giving to St. Andrew using the automatic deduction process it will continue until you inform the Church office of a desired change (which can be done at any time)

When can I get started and when will the first deduction be made from my checking or savings account?
You can start today to enroll through either of the options described above. The FIRST automated deduction will not take place until the beginning of our new fiscal year, July 1, 2007.

Who will see my Giving information and will I get regular reports on the status of my Giving?
Your giving (donations) to St. Andrew are confidential and shared with no one. You will continue to receive regular giving status reports periodically throughout the year providing current status on all giving including
automatic giving.

If you have any further questions please call Amy Cox at our Church office, (707) 996-6024

Thank you!