All in the Family
Is Archie Bunker a Christian?

In the 1970s came a television show unlike any show before it. The name of that show was All in the Family, and its protagonist was Archie Bunker. Norman Lear was the producer of that show and used the series to portray the many challenges and controversies facing the United States during that time. 

In some ways, we have progressed as a country, no longer comfortable with much of the language and dialogue portrayed in the show. But in other ways, we are still holding the same arguments we did over 50 years ago.

I have a friend who sat with Norman Lear at a celebrity luncheon. According to my friend, Mr. Lear said the writers of the show would often equate Edith’s character with Jesus. So while debating how Edith might react or what she might do, the writers would often ask, “Well, what would Jesus do?” Because, like Jesus, Edith loved everyone, even the bigoted, racist, and intolerant Archie Bunker.

Archie thought of himself as a Christian. But how do we define Christian? Is it enough to hold beliefs but not put them into action? Are our intentions enough or do we have a responsibility to behave in certain ways, even when we don’t want to? And when we say we love our neighbor, are we required to love people like Archie?

Through the comparison of history, our challenges then and now, our Christian lens, and the comedy of the brilliant Norman Lear, who radically changed the nature of television, we will explore these questions.

Pastor Nicole

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