Hi Everyone!

It is official! We are going to Eastern Shore, Virginia to serve for this years Caravan. We will be partnering up with Youthworks and will be serving in a small town. We will be volunteering with 2 other youth groups, one from Maryland and the other from Michigan. The areas that we will be serving in includes kids club, painting, yard work and clean-up and helping out with the elderly!

We will be flying and then driving minivans to the site. More information will be given about the flights at a later date.

We are full!!! We have 25 youth signed up and 5 leaders.

Date: July 30- August 7th

Cost: $350

A Deposit of $50 is required to secure your space. Look in the mail for the paper to sign and turn in!!

We will need everyone’s help with our 2 remaining fundraisers!!!

Carrtunes is performing February 13th! A donation will be taken to help raise funds for Caravan. We will also be preparing, serving and then cleaning up an appetizer style meal! We will need 4 groups of people to help: Set -up/decoration, food prep, serving/money taking and clean-up.

The last fundraiser will be a Buy a Mile campaign. Details to follow at the end of February.

Caravan is an amazing time! We grow and connect with God, each other and the community while learning what is means to serve others in a new community!

To find out more about Youthworks, visit them at

If any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Dawne Carver


Caravan 2015: Portland Experience

25 youth and 4 adults went to Portland, Oregon to learn about and spend time with the homeless people and the organizations that serve the homeless population. We drove 4 vehicles to Portland. We volunteered for Kaleo Missions for 7 days. They provided food and lodging at the Columbia Christian College. Kaleo Missions set up the volunteer opportunities for our group as well. They broke us into 4 groups, assigned a guide for each group, and had us serve in various places. The places included Union Gospel Mission, Saint Andre Basette, Open House transition site, Oregon Foodbank, My Father’s Place, Aurora’s Place and Prairie View. We also made lunches and “broke bread” with people living on the streets to hear their stories and get to see them as God sees them.

We left the church 7/25 at 7:30am. We drove to Shasta Park to have a lunch and then drove to Eugene, Oregon where we had dinner and spent the night at the Phoenix Inn and Suites. We drove to Portland, dropped off our luggage at Columbia Christian College then headed downtown to the famous Food Trucks. We had an hour of bowling to get us into teams then headed to the college to eat dinner and have orientation. We went to UGM to hear 2 men’s stories about their road to recovery and how they came to find their way to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Every morning, we started with breakfast together and devotional time. We ate dinner together every evening and followed up with group time where we would share what we had experienced and learn songs for Caravan Sunday. Wednesday night was a free evening of Food Trucks and glow in the dark miniature golf with our guides. On the last evening in Portland, we invited our guides to join us in our group time and ended our time in a foot washing. The leaders prayed over the youth. It was a very moving time and allowed healing to begin in a lot of lives.

We arrived back at St Andrew 8/1 to finish plans for the Sunday Caravan Services on the next day. We ate dinner, wrote out testimonies, practiced songs, practiced Discovery time, made bulletins and finished up the odd jobs of cleaning and preparing for the next day. Caravan Sunday was a wonderful time of sharing where God showed up in our lives and the lives of the people we went to serve. It was a very moving experienced and was the “best one” yet.

Kaleo-Logo City of Portland, you were awesome!

What are the Expectations? Be a part of youth group, help with fundraising, serve with a willing heart, share your experience.



Any financial support is a blessing, and truly appreciated!