A WAY OTHER THAN OUR OWN: “The Christian Two-Step”

Self-esteem. Self-care. I’m all-in on the need to love ourselves as God loves us. However, as with all truth, truth exists in the tension of paradox. God’s truth lives in the realm of both/and, not either/or. Consider how Ephesians 2:8-10 states salvation as a paradox with grace and works, God’s part and our part all… Read more »

A WAY OTHER THAN OUR OWN: ”Like a Thief in the Night”

I’m slowly learning, then having to relearn because I so easily forget, that God shows up in the uncertainty, struggle, and pain of life. The God I know is not the God of easy answers or certainty, even though some preachers would have us believe that living by faith is living with all the uncertainty of… Read more »

Weekly Preacher’s Post: A Way Other Than Our Own

A WAY OTHER THAN OUR OWN: “My Lenten Journey Plan” The older I get, the more I appreciate the wisdom that’s been passed down through the generations by my spiritual ancestors. Some of it, which made little sense to me forty years ago, now makes perfect sense. My immaturity showed by my dismissing traditions, like Lent, as… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Walt Whitman said, “The truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand it.” I agree. The everyday world in which we live has become more and more complicated as systems become more complex and interlocked. We are more and more connected through technology and other superficial means, but find ourselves more and more… Read more »

4/1 Preacher’s Post: The Game Changer: The Road to Emmaus

Death is the doorway to Resurrection. Something has to die in order for new life to spring forth. So many of Jesus’ metaphors signaled that he was and is the game changer. No more business as usual. Yet, I’m pretty sure many of us are coming to this Easter celebration like we have so many in the past,… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: In God We Almost Trust

[Important Note: effective April 1st, this weekly post will be sent directly from the St. Andrew office. If you are not currently receiving eBlasts from St. Andrew and wish to continue receiving this weekly post, please contact Amy in the church office at [email protected] to be added to the list.] A couple of national historical… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Psalms 100 & 150 Whopping It Up For God

Imagine someone who did nothing but strengthen the right side of his or her body. Picture a weightlifter’s biceps and triceps bulging, and quads that could leg press hundreds of pounds. We’d understandably stare and question such a quest, then maybe feel sorry for whoever thought this was a good idea. But that, in effect,… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Psalm 46: Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

I want to emphasize the overwhelming message revealed in the Psalms, embodied in Jesus, and championed by Paul. Living life through self-will and with ourselves as the center of the universe is a dead-end. There might be short-term gains, but it falls far short of God’s hopes and dreams for us as people loved by… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Praying the Psalms, Psalm 1

As we bid 2017 ado, and welcome 2018, I’m feeling the need to get centered and grounded in my faith and practice. It’s not that I want to disengage with the world around me, but if I’m not spiritually grounded, I won’t be able to engage in the ways that are rooted in God’s hope,… Read more »