Green Tip #40 – “Help Us Build a Prayer Walk”

This Sunday Dec 4th, the Green Team will have a table at the Alternative Christmas Faire – Please stop by! The Green Team will be fundraising to create a Prayer Walk that is filled with mostly native plants that pollinators and birds will flock to and nest in, and which people can enjoy also. It… Read more »

Green Tip #39 – “Laundry Hang Out”

One of my earliest cozy memories as a very young person was playing on my Aunt Meno’s back porch as she hung out the laundry on her laundry line with a pulley system. I’d be playing with my stuffed animals as she squeak, squeak, squeaked the laundry up the line. Her sheets were always crispy… Read more »

Green Tip #38 – “Living our Values”

Living our Values through the actions and choices we make. If one of your values is the Environment and Climate Change, you can take action by supporting candidates who reflect your values regarding care for and protection of God’s creation.  There are wonderful resources available at your fingertips to read about candidates who care about… Read more »

Green Tip #36 – “Sharing the Bounty”

Thank you St Andrew Congregation! Our first annual Produce and Bloom Exchange was a tremendous success, thanks to the many gardeners who shared their bounty on Sunday August 21st. This was a Green Team project (thanks to Lora Grimes and Barbara Roberts for their help). And why the Green Team you might ask? There are… Read more »

Green Tip #35 – “Water Conservation Tips”

Environmental Moment By Cathy Claeys Hello dear friends! I’d like to talk about capturing rain water from your homes gutters today. This topic is dear to my families heart as we enjoy our backyard with several large shade trees, shrubs, ground covers and small vegetable garden. There is also a drought tolerant Bee and Butterfly… Read more »

Green Tip #34 – “Green Remodeling?”

GREEN REMODELING? by Barbara Roberts My title has a question mark because whether or not a home remodel can be environmentally friendly is definitely a question. After completing a 7-1/2 month whole house remodel, I can tell you that the answer is – yes, and no. Could someone actually do a whole remodel with sustainable,… Read more »

Green Tip #33 – Watch the Documentary “Kiss the Ground”

by Dave Haflich In order to try and encourage people to view “Kiss the Ground”, the documentary shown at the church during Earth Care month, I watched it for the third time yesterday.  It took me, using rewind and taking 7 pages of notes, almost 4 hours to watch its 80 minutes.  And for the… Read more »

Green Tip #32 – “Dumpster Dive”

Dumpster Dive By Eileen Haflich Okay, today it’s time to get out your gardening gloves and dive into your trash can!  Sometimes we need to take a good, hard look at what we’re sending to the landfill.  Hopefully everything that you throw in the trash is non-recyclable and non-compostable, but those too sometimes sneak in…. Read more »

Green Tip #32: “Your Carbon Footprint”

Environmental Moment By Eileen Haflich Have you ever wondered what your family’s carbon footprint is? Well, there’s a website for that! Click here to find out yours: Your Carbon FootprintWhat I found out after doing this is: Air travel has a very, very significant negative impact on our family’s carbon footprint. Even with a strong recycling… Read more »

Green Tip #31: “Let Nature be Your Guide”

Environmental Moment by Eileen Haflich Eco-Anxiety – “The chronic fear of environmental cataclysm that comes from observing the seemingly irrevocable impact of climate change and the associated concern for one’s future and that of next generations” (American Psychology Association) It is exceedingly hard for many of us, particularly young people, to find serenity when we… Read more »

Green Tip #30: “We’re an Earth Care Congregation!”

Environmental Moment   By Eileen Haflich On Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, the St. Andrew Green Team announced that St. Andrew has been awarded an Earth Care Certificate from the Presbyterian Church USA.  This is a distinct and prodigious honor and one that every parishioner at St. Andrew should be proud of.  St. Andrew is now in an elite group… Read more »

Green Tip #29 – “No Such Thing as Garbage Anymore”

by Barbara Roberts When recycling became “a thing” in the 1970s after the first Earth Day, I was smitten by the idea that trash could be organized! I’m sure that was partially due to my career as a librarian and the need for order, but I thought it was such fun to separate things out… Read more »

Green Tip #28 – “What To Do With Our Food Scraps?”

What To Do With Our Food Scraps?By Caryn Prince According to SB1383, we are no longer allowed to put organic materials in our garbage cans. This is to reduce methane emissions in our landfills, and helps to create composting materials. This means food scraps must be separated from our other trash, and placed into the… Read more »

Green Tip #27 – “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

“It’s not easy being green” to coin a song title by Kermit the Frog. I’ve discovered over time that it’s much like eating an elephant, which can only happen one bite at a time. If I stop to think about all the things I don’t do, I will lose hope and wonder what the point… Read more »

Green Tip #26 – “It’s the Law!”

It’s The Law! Effective January 1st, 2022, State Senate Bill SB1383 is law. SB1383 requires all residences, businesses, and institutions to put food waste in the green compost bin. The reason for this is that food waste creates methane in a landfill which is a very potent greenhouse gas. In fact, if all the landfills in the US… Read more »