Capital Campaign

These video clips highlight some of the programs the Capital Campaign will support by the creation of a Mission Grant program enabling those with limited resources to receive financial assistance for ‘away’ St. Andrew Missions.


Cam Hawing: Moment for Mission – El Salvador

Cam reflects on his trips to El Salvador helping to build a school and community center in the village of Buenos Aires. His experiences were a true blessing on those journeys, building friendships with fellow church members and villagers of the communities that were served.


Cian Martin: Youth Caravan in Houston

When he and fellow Caravan youth were faced with the challenge of re-building flood-damaged housing, Cian was feeling totally unqualified and out of his depth. But, he came to learn how to serve, “Not because I was good at it, or because it was easy, or because I enjoyed it, but because there was work that needed to be done.”


Learn how the St. Andrew members of twenty-nine years ago “paid it forward” and made possible the church we know and love.

Marilyn Kittleson: Reflections on the Fire of 1989 and the Rebuilding of the Church

Marilyn was a member of St. Andrew in March, 1989 when the St. Andrew Church housed in the Spreckels Estate carriage house was destroyed by fire. She served on the building and design committee that gave us the church that we attend today. Her reflections on those events tell the story of how St. Andrew “rose out of the ashes”.


Tracy Walthard: Moment for Mission – Romania

Tracy shares the story of her three summer mission trips and a “boot and coat drop” to Romania. Not knowing what to expect, she wasn’t prepared for what she found – how those with so little could find hope in tomorrow.