The Greek word used for deacon literally means to wait on tables, that is, to be a servant.

In the early church the deacons were assigned the task of taking care of the welfare of widows. In today’s church, deacons are assigned with the practical day-to-day care of the congregation. The day-to-day care includes, but is not limited to: prayer concerns, home visitations and the care of facilities who are in need of some form of assistance. The deacons act as a line of communication between the congregation, the pastor, and the church staff. The deacons maintain a list of community resource contacts that are used
to give direction to people in need. The deacons are involved in the daily life of the church, expressing our faith in the service that we provide. We are servants of Christ and His people.

If a person or family has a need or concern of any degree or importance, they may call their deacon for assistance. No need or concern is too small or too large. Your deacon is available and wants to assist you.

The folks that serve as deacons are just like you, in that they have families, jobs and concerns. We pray for each other and assist each other in our times of need. We have been selected based on our commitment to our faith in Christ and our willingness to serve His people.