The Mission of St. Andrew is to lead people to Jesus and participate in their becoming His fully devoted followers.

We do this through our Discipleship Strategy.

Through these various avenues, relationships are formed that will increasingly enable believers to better Sense and Serve God in their daily lives. These life-changing relationships are both the means and the ends of this model, for through them the character and priorities of Jesus are formed in the believer’s life.

  1. Growth Opportunities: The church equips and
    encourages believers to establish an intimate relationship with God and other
    believers. This is the ‘engine’ of this strategy.
  2. Authentic Relationships: Believers are equipped
    and encouraged to pray for and develop authentic relationships with unchurched
  3. Share Faith: Believers are equipped and
    encouraged to share their Christian experience through their lifestyle and
  4. Invitation: When the time is right, believers
    invite their friend to worship, softball, a concert, a service project, over for
    dinner, etc., or to trust Jesus personally.
  5. Mentorship: Whenever conversion takes place the
    believer immediately becomes the spiritual mentor of their friend, for a period
    of at least six months. The mentor is responsible for praying for the new
    believer, going through a basic discipleship handbook with them, helping them
    integrate into the life of the church, guiding them to appropriate Discipleship
    Courses, and for encourage them to live out and share their new faith with their
    unchurched friends.
  6. Small Groups: All believers are encouraged to
    join an ongoing small group so they will benefit from, and contribute to, the
    support and nurturance of intentional Christian community.
  7. Service/Spiritual Gifts: All believers are
    assisted in Spiritual Gift discovery and are connected to appropriate
    ministry/service opportunities in the church and/or in the community.
  8. Resource Management: All believers are trained
    in Biblical Stewardship, learning how to break the spell of materialism by
    becoming tithing members of the church as well as freeing up time and talents
    that can be used for God’s work in Sonoma and beyond.