We believe that God has chosen to work out His mission through the Church. It is our challenge to grow into God’s vision of what the local church is to be. We want to be the unique church God had in mind when he called St. Andrew into being. There are times when we reflect this vision, and times when we fall short. Our hope is that each day we grow toward the vision of who we might become in Jesus Christ.

You are not required to be a member at St. Andrew to participate in our worship services or small groups, but for those that wish to call St. Andrew their church home, we offer a new members class that generally consists of 6 group sessions which are designed to:

  • Give you an experience of renewed life and friendship in Christ.
  • Give you a basic understanding of the Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Theology of St. Adrew.
  • Help you understand the responsibilities that goalong with being an active Christian.
  • Introduce you to our church family and begin to form a strong relationships with us.
  • Discover the gifts and talents God has created in our lives through the Holy Spirit.
  • Whet your appetite for new opportunities for growth, service and fellowship.

We believe that all members are responsible for the vitality and ministry of St. Andrew. Unlike many churches, who traditionally look to the pastors to create the church, we believe that it is the members, acting as “priests” who make the difference.

For more information about church membership, please contact the church office at 996-6024 or by email to [email protected]