ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 06/01/22

Note from Nicole This coming Sunday… Dear St. Andrew Community, This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost! This is the day we traditionally think of as the birthday of the church, which makes it a perfect time to welcome nine people into membership and to say, “hello” to Reverend Jan Reynolds, who will be worshiping with us this… Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 05/25/22

UKRAINE CONTAINER TRUCK UPDATE! Several weeks ago, we sent out a Mission Update providing our Congregation with an opportunity to financially support Ukraine Refugees through the work of our Romania Mission partners, Bisectica Baptista Betania, who found itself on the front line of Humanitarian Relief. Their mission is to lease container trucks and bring non-perishable… Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 05/18/22

Note from Nicole This coming Sunday… Dear St. Andrew Community,  This Sunday- please don’t show up for worship. That will be the last time you ever hear me say that…until we do it this again next year. St. Andrew will be holding our annual Don’t Go to Church, Be the Church Sunday instead of our… Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 05/11/22

Note from Nicole This Sunday-Acoustic Sunday Dear St. Andrew Community, Recently I’ve been praying on these three lines that sit at the top of our website. They’re part of our vision statement but really reflect our core values as a congregation: Connect with God Grow in Community Serve the World As a congregation we connect with… Read more »

Green Tip #32 – “Dumpster Dive”

Dumpster Dive By Eileen Haflich Okay, today it’s time to get out your gardening gloves and dive into your trash can!  Sometimes we need to take a good, hard look at what we’re sending to the landfill.  Hopefully everything that you throw in the trash is non-recyclable and non-compostable, but those too sometimes sneak in…. Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 05/04/22

Note from Nicole This coming Sunday… Dear St. Andrew Community, Did you know that the only female disciple named in the entire New Testament is named Tabitha? (aka Dorcas in greek) Did you also know that she was known for providing widows with clothing she sewed? And did you know, that when she died, they… Read more »