ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 04/27/22

Note from Nicole Today marks the anniversary of the passing of The Reverend Richard Gantenbein, Pastor of this church community for 38 years. Today also marks the anniversary of his birth. Anniversaries and birthdays, like rituals, bring us deeper into relationship when shared in community. Each of you may have your own way to commemorate… Read more »

Green Tip #32: “Your Carbon Footprint”

Environmental Moment By Eileen Haflich Have you ever wondered what your family’s carbon footprint is? Well, there’s a website for that! Click here to find out yours: Your Carbon FootprintWhat I found out after doing this is: Air travel has a very, very significant negative impact on our family’s carbon footprint. Even with a strong recycling… Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 04/20/22

Note from Tracy This coming Sunday… Psalm 8:9 O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Our God is truly an artist. All we need do is look to the stars or across a vineyard during Fall; to stand upon the shores of the Pacific Ocean with crashing waves and soaring birds; look out… Read more »

Green Tip #31: “Let Nature be Your Guide”

Environmental Moment by Eileen Haflich Eco-Anxiety – “The chronic fear of environmental cataclysm that comes from observing the seemingly irrevocable impact of climate change and the associated concern for one’s future and that of next generations” (American Psychology Association) It is exceedingly hard for many of us, particularly young people, to find serenity when we… Read more »

Green Tip #30: “We’re an Earth Care Congregation!”

Environmental Moment   By Eileen Haflich On Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, the St. Andrew Green Team announced that St. Andrew has been awarded an Earth Care Certificate from the Presbyterian Church USA.  This is a distinct and prodigious honor and one that every parishioner at St. Andrew should be proud of.  St. Andrew is now in an elite group… Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 04/13/22

Note from Nicole… HOLY WEEK AT ST. ANDREW As we move through our holiest week of our Christian year, may you take time to be with God. May you wake up and remember the whole story, allow yourself to sink in and appreciate the gift that is your life, however imperfect it may be at… Read more »

ST. ANDREW E-NEWS 04/06/22

Note from Nicole This coming Sunday… Dear St. Andrew Community~ This Sunday~Palm Sunday~Acoustic Sunday and Choir Sunday WORSHIP THIS SUNDAY – All children will be invited to wave palms as they process down the center aisle this Sunday during our opening hymn, as we celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  AFTER WORSHIP – Please… Read more »