Weekly Pastor’s Post

“Guard Your Heart! (…really?)” Scripture: Proverbs 4:23 and Philippians 4:6-7 This beautiful Psalm interpretation speaks of the guidance and healing we experience when God’s grace touches our hearts:    Psalm 25 – Excerpt by Nan Merrill in “Psalms for Praying”   To You, O Love, I lift up my soul! O Heart within my heart,… Read more »

Weekly Pastor’s Post

“Come, Holy Spirit! (Comforter, Trouble Maker!)”Scripture: John 14:16-26 Let’s continue to enjoy the “Season of the Spirit” and explore the work of the Holy Spirit this week.  As Jesus prepared to leave his disciples, he promised the coming of the Advocate, the Spirit of the Living Christ. The Holy Spirit lives alongside us, within us, helping… Read more »

The Legacy of Pastor Rich Gantenbein-Don’t Go To Church, Be The Church

Note: Pastor Rich Gantenbein Of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Sonoma passed away suddenly on Saturday, April 27th, his 68th Birthday Rich Gantenbein’s vision for Missions both globally and locally was profound in helping others reach their personal faith. His ability to see those in need on many levels was profound in the foundation of… Read more »

Weekly Preacher’s Post

“After Easter… Now What?” On Easter Sunday, some of you shared your “cardboard testimonies,” those times in life when by God’s grace, our lives are turned around; moments when our eyes are opened, our hearts crack open, and our lives are changed for the better. Yet, after those Easter moments: now what? How do we… Read more »