Popcorn Parables – “A United Kingdom”

This is from an interview NPR’s Audie Cornish conducted with David Ayelowo, the actor who played Seretse Khama in the movie “A United Kingdom”: A young woman meets a prince and falls in love. That sounds like the start of an old fashioned fairy tale, but in the movie “A United Kingdom” it’s the start… Read more »


We’ll watch movies on Friday, and talk about God’s word and role in relation to the messages presented on Sundays. DINNER AT 6PM ($10 PER PERSON) MOVIE AT 7PM Please RSVP for Friday Dinner: [email protected] 707-996-6024 7/13: “EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL” ROB BELL           PIZZA, SALAD, DESSERT, WATER/LEMONADE 7/20: “HIDDEN FIGURES” PASTA, SALAD, DESSERT, WATER/LEMONADE  … Read more »

Popcorn Parables – “Wonder”

“Lord of the Flies” was one of those books many of us were forced to read in High School English. The plot and its underlying message of the conflicting forces of human beings, even young kids, is one I didn’t fully appreciate at the time, but over the years have come to know as a… Read more »