From the Preacher’s Post: A Bug’s Life: Working Together

“God helps those who help themselves.” That just makes so much sense and rings so true, it has to be a verse from the Bible. Actually, it’s the most quoted verse that isn’t in the Bible, and furthermore, it is the opposite of what the Bible consistently teaches. But as with all really good lies,… Read more »

From the Preacher’s Post: Future Belongs To The Young At Heart

Today I talked to Eleanor Huskins, the wife of St. Andrew’s founding pastor, Bill Huskins. If you walk into the office today you’ll see Bill’s picture and the charter of St. Andrew as a Presbyterian church. It was Bill who had the vision to scoop up the old Spreckles Carriage house for less than $50,000… Read more »

From the Preacher’s Post: The Tailwinds of Life We Ignore

Cyclists hate headwinds—love tailwinds. You’d think the number of times we have to get down on the drop bars and grind into the wind would even out with those days we get that lovely tailwind assist. But it always seems like the wind gods are always against us, rarely blessing us with ease and speed…. Read more »