Sin as “self-defeating” behavior?

Sin as “self-defeating” behavior? Never thought of it that way, but that is so true. What am I doing in my life to “defeat” who God created for me to be? Rich

Faith in Action – April Prestwood Cleanup

Great news from our first Faith in Action event that took place at Prestwood Elementary.  St Andrew Volunteers and a Prestwood parent group met from 9am to 12pm to clean up the grounds and pave the way for the ongoing maintenance that will continue at later dates.  Joel Green reports that it was a successful… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Community Isn’t An Option–It is a Necessity

I have come to believe that the pattern that developed among Christian Churches in which someone new was first taught what to believe, then they were invited to join and belong, and finally there was the call to “practice” their faith is backwards from the way Jesus operated. His was a call to change one’s… Read more »

Thankful this morning

Thankful this morning for those who are a part of my “community”–the ones who encourage me–offer empathy, not sympathy–and who have the courage to speak truth into my life. This kind of community is only possible if “we” show up and participate. Rich

I’m taking time this week to think ahead…

I’m taking time this week to think ahead…the benefit of actually taking a time out to get the “bigger” view…so I’m not just reacting.  I see Mother’s Day coming soon.  Here’s my question for as many people as we can get to answer:  WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MOM IN 10… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Living Connected to Jesus

Pruning is essential for the health, vitality, and productivity of most plants, and especially grape vines. It is striking this time of year to see the tended vines that have been carefully pruned in one vineyard as opposed to the vineyards that appear to be abandoned, growing without the essential pruning. We know which vineyard… Read more »

You’ll read in the Preacher’s Post tomorrow morning…

  You’ll read in the Preacher’s Post tomorrow morning, I woke up yesterday morning in a foul mood.  Granted, it didn’t help the Warriors lost again Tuesday night, but at a much deeper level it was about resistance to living life on life’s terms.  It was about fixing yard sprinklers I’m tired of fixing; trying… Read more »

Life is showing up and being present.

Life is showing up and being present. The joy of vacation is fading…the energy of Easter is past. There are days best described by the weather conditions around the equatorial Atlantic–the doldrums. Yet I’m given this day to live and love. For me, surrender isn’t a big dramatic moment, it is a quiet letting go… Read more »

Preacher’s Post: Keeping It Simple

I’m told being a pastor is complicated. And I guess when I started out, I also thought it was complicated. I remember being asked on one of my first Sunday mornings at St. Andrew, “Pastor, what do we do with the dead deer in the parking lot.” Darn good question! And I remember thinking to… Read more »