Pain teaches a most counterintuitive thing

“Pain teaches a most counterintuitive thing: we must go down before we even know what up is.” Lord, why can’t I just go “up.” But alas, if there is pain in my life today…Lord teach me what I need to learn. Amen

Thankful for the Love challenge

Thankful for the Love challenge. I’m being pushed to put my faith into action–my words into practice. I’m hearing some amazing things like cookies getting baked for a grumpy neighbor. I love being part of a community trying to do the next right thing. Rich

Tactical breathing…

Tactical breathing…four count in…four count hold…four count out…four count rest…repeat. I’m not trying to do anything else in my daily five minutes than pay attention to my breathing. But it’s been as hard as I figured it was going to be. What’s been your experience this week? Anyone willing to share? Rich

Accepting God’s grace

Accepting God’s grace and not hustling for my worthiness is my heart’s desire today. Thinking about Valentine’s Day and love, and realize once again I can’t give away what I don’t have. I can’t love my neighbor when I’m not letting God love me first. Rich

What a weird way to live!

  What a weird way to live! The more I surrender and let go of control, the more I am empowered to live my life, and the more love and connection there is in my life. The only challenge is I forget so easily and revert back to anxiety and worry. I’m grateful all the… Read more »

The assignment all of us were given…

  The assignment all of us were given was to ask for help and accept it without trying to repay and even the score. The reason is if we can’t receive graciously, we will not give graciously. We will always see ourselves in a position of power and judgment when helping someone else if we’re… Read more »