I’m realizing this morning…

I’m realizing this morning the abundance around me rather than looking at my life and world through the lens of scarcity. Praying for my daily bread, which will be more than enough. Letting go of my need to grab for more than I need because of my fear. Rich

Financial Update – January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016 Dear Members and Friends of St. Andrew: The excitement of the holidays has faded, the lights have come down and the Girl Scouts came and picked up your tree. However, at St Andrew things could not be more exciting! We have an Old Testament study, two Hunger for Healing groups, planning is… Read more »

Got sidetracked yesterday by some unexpected problems

  Got sidetracked yesterday by some unexpected problems. Forgot to breath and got into “self-will” for a bit. Not a fun place to be. Went to a 12 step meeting and got back on track. Starting a new day with the same problems still there, but asking God to do for me what I can’t… Read more »

I got one of those unpleasant surprises in the mail yesterday…

  I got one of those unpleasant surprises in the mail yesterday–a medical insurance dispute going way back to 2013 has gone to collections. I thought everything had been resolved–obviously not. Now the question is how to react? Anger is always my first choice because that’s where my fear goes. What I’m praying for this… Read more »

You are the only you there is

You are the only you there is. Today you will live your life, touching people only you can touch. May each one of us be the “you” God created us to be and be a blessing to someone only we can bless. Rich

“Breathing Under Water”

  Last night’s healing group meeting was just what I needed. Starting Rohr’s book “Breathing Under Water.” Good time to jump in if you’ve been tempted to do something which WILL change your life if you stick with it. Rohr: We suffer to get well. We surrender to win. We die to live. We give… Read more »

Christmas sure seems like a long time ago…

    Christmas sure seems like a long time ago. Remembering Matthew 1:23: “…they will name him Emanuel, Hebrew for ‘God is with us.’” Praying to live that reality. God is with me. Jesus is with me. The Spirit is present. It’s not all about me. I can breathe and be present even though there… Read more »

Being Vulnerable is Always a Risk

  Being vulnerable is always a risk.  But without the risk there is no intimacy in our most precious relationships.  God’s love is the safety net I work with, not only to provide the impetus to be vulnerable, but if I fall the Spirit will catch me.  My job is to come out of hiding… Read more »


  Humility–the more obsess about getting my act “together” the less room there is for God and the important people in my life. God’s way of life really is so upside down. Jesus said, “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his… Read more »