With 2015 winding down

  With 2015 winding down, I’m working on my gratitude list. Yes, there were some bumps along the way (added two more stents this year)…but even the bumps are cause for gratitude. I do remember those of us who lost loved ones and pray for joy in the midst struggle

Christmas Debris

  Garbage just came by to pick up some of the debris from Christmas. More to follow as Christmas 2015 slowly goes away. Now comes the challenge of living the message into a new year. I’m going to need some help with that. Praying for the Spirit’s presence, guidance, and power. Rich

May your Christmas be Blessed

  May your Christmas be blessed. I am so grateful to be part of the St. Andrew faith community. Thank you for one and all who made our Christmas Eve services so special.

Christmas Eve with the Animals

  Christmas Eve with the animals will start in a few hours at 3pm, 4:30pm, 6pm, and a little quieter service 7:30pm. Paraphrasing what an angel might say to us, “Do not be afraid of the rain and cold, for behold I bring you good news of great joy. Thy living nativity will transform the… Read more »

Yesterday ended on a sour note

Yesterday ended on kind of a sour note. Thank goodness for a new twenty-four hours. I’m wanted to learn what I need to learn from yesterday and apply that to life as it unfolds today. Rich Gantenbein Pastor, St. Andrew

Sitting at my desk

Sitting at my desk looking out on a cold, rainy day and it looks like rain for Christmas Eve. Not what I wanted. Another opportunity to adjust expectations and as the old saying goes, take the lemons and make lemonade. The message of Christmas will still shine. Christmas changes me–it’s not about me changing Christmas…. Read more »

Today I get to live hopefully

  Today I get to live hopefully, which often can be as simple as not being rushed and harried. To live a life of hurry is to life my agenda not God’s plan. Rich Gantenbein Pastor, St. Andrew

A New Day

  A new day.  Making sure I’m not carrying any of yesterday’s debris over into day.  Praying to let it go.  Also praying not to plan the whole day.  I want to leave room for God’s surprises. Rich Gantenbein Pastor, St. Andrew

Kid’s Christmas Pageant

  Great day yesterday. Loved the kid’s Christmas pageant. Feeling a loss of momentum this morning. Taking a deep breath, sitting still for a few minutes, and praying for some clarity and the Spirit’s direction for the day. I don’t have to force it to happen. Rich Gantenbein Pastor, St. Andrew

Father Mike Kelly will be missed

Father Mike Kelly will be missed. The service for him yesterday is a reminder to me that life is precious and meant to be lived every day. Even the challenges are part of the gift. My prayer this morning is to present throughout this day and not miss it. Rich Gantenbein Pastor, St. Andrew

The Peace That Passes all Understanding

  I’m aware this morning that peace rarely is the absence of conflict–peace is being mindful and centered in the midst of real life. That’s why Paul calls the peace of Christ the peace that passes all understanding. It only comes through surrendering my will and turning it All over to the care of God,… Read more »

Spirit of Christmas

I get to ring bells at Lucky’s today from 2pm to 4pm. This is always something that helps me connect with the Spirit of Christmas instead of the rush of Christmas. I have to be in one place and connect with people rather than dashing about in a frenzy. What are you doing to connect… Read more »

Reacting to Life vs. Living Life

I’m realizing this morning reacting to life and living life are two different things. I react when I’m in control and trying to exert my control on “people, places, and things.” When I’m living life, I’m letting the Spirit of God in me guide and connect me to the life that’s unfolding around me. What… Read more »