Sunday Worship Services at 8:30am & 10:15am

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Welcomes You



 Invite your Friends and Neighbors to Worship at St. Andrew!

Childcare and Sunday School Classes are available.
(coffee & tea, too!)

Everyone is welcome; and recovery is spoken here.
Hope to see you this Sunday!


cold_in_romaniaIt gets COLD in Romania!

Especially when you don’t have boots or a coat! But YOU can be part of the solution. Check out the Romania table after the service, or call the office @ 707-996-6024.

This year our Shoeboxes are going to Sonoma County children who are homeless and living in shelters with their parents.

Come to the Shoebox table to get started, or call the office @ 707-996-6024.


habitatWork continues at Irma’s home on Broadway.

Check in with Pam Sherman at the Habitat table if you’d like to join the fun!
christmas_wreathsChristmas Wreaths and Swags are on sale TODAY!

Your purchases directly support Youth Caravan 2017.


MedShare has put out an emergency call to help with Hurricane Matthew.

Members of St. Andrew volunteered on Saturday, October 22 in response to this great need. Visit the MedShare table if you’d like to know more about MedShare, or get involved.

pictoral_directoryOur new pictorial directories ARE HERE!
Pick-up your copy!




There will be short term studies offered throughout the year! We will be posting them on our website and the News & Notes as the details develop!





Home Happenings are 6 family units, gathering from 5-7pm on Sunday evenings
(or an alternate agreed upon day and time)

We provide Potluck Menus and Discussion Guides.


  October 23—November 20


Experience the Trip of a Lifetime!
israelMay 2 to 15, 2017

Get your $500 deposit in now!

Life Groups @ St. Andrew






We are an ORANGE church. What does that mean? It means our model takes the heart of the family (red), partners it with the light of the church (yellow), to create a powerful ORANGE team! Our goal is to provide quality instruction to your children regarding the bible and its truths while helping to empower parents to share their faith in the home!

Invite a friend!
Invite your neighbors!
Bring your grandchild!

It’s going to be AMAZING!

Sunday worship is about good works. If you want to find out what Jesus had to say about life and love, visit with us on Sunday. We teach from the Bible, learn about God and open our doors to everyone. Our family welcomes you!

Who knows what God’s Spirit might do in our midst?


God-friendly but church adverse?

Click here to see what classes and gatherings are coming up!

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Sunday School and Youth Groups also meet each week.


Comments, Questions, Opinions, Concerns, Sinners and Forgiveness
… ALL welcome here!

St. Andrew is a Presbyterian Church situated in the heart of the Sonoma Valley. Are you looking for a Christian Church in the Sonoma Valley area? You have come to the right place. If you are new to Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Napa, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Penngrove or Cotati or planning a visit to the Sonoma Valley and looking for a place to worship, we welcome you to join us. In this website, you can find information for those New to St. Andrew to tell you more about our Church, our mission, our people and our programs including Students’ and Children’s Ministries.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

 Audio Sermons
Click here to download and listen to weekly sermons.

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If you would like to give a financial blessing, please feel welcome to make a donation of any amount using the PayPal link below. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation through this service. Read more about giving and our mission work here:



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